Amy Louise / Director of Operations

LABR Director of operations – Creative and Art director


What Can We Say About Ms. Amy Louise Grady. Representing #loveabrotherradio #labr out of Edinburgh, Scotland. This lady, has jumped in with both hands and feet, in believing in the vision of our common and most fundamental goal. Spreading more #love through this crazy world with this music thing we do, by connecting, and bringing together talented and decent people from all ethnic backgrounds, with their passion for what they do to build this special collective of ours.

With a strong background in restaurant management, and all around amazing people skills. She also possesses, a musical library in her head and heart, that someone of her age, just shouldn’t know about. She constantly surprises us. So much to the fact, that a special collab. show is currently in development to display this talent she owns with pride. Stay tuned for that. Her loyalty to the collective has been second to none. Any and all things LABR, you can be sure that Amesters (as we affectionately call her) is gonna have a hand in it. Making sure as best she can to present all of us DJ’s in the best light.

Amy came to us like a breathe of fresh air, 3 years ago, when we were going through some changes to expand the love to as many people as we can. She put in, and continues to put in the hard work. She wanted no favors or to be treated differently, knowing that our standards would be at a certain level then most. She’s delivered, and continues to deliver on all fronts.

To put it bluntly, the moves we made would’ve been made. But would NOT HAVE BEEN MADE as smooth as they went without our Amesters. The Station is Love a Brother Radio. But BEST BELIEVE it’s a Women behind the scenes holding us all together. Expect big things to come for this lady going forward with the station. Any thing you ever wanna know, or any inquiries you ever have, don’t hesitate to contact her direct. She will not hesitate to hit you back. Always kind. Always timely.

We officially and publicly welcome The First Lady of Love a Brother Radio

Ms. Amy -Louise Grady – Director of Operations

Jaeh Daycon aka Brother Soul


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