Director of Promotions

Hailing from the Chicago Area, Derek Grisby has been a long time close friend and acquaintance of #loveabrotherradio #labr since it's inception. Radomely always offering some kind of brilliant suggestion on how to spread this love we're trying to create. And the suggestions would come frequently. So it made sense for us to invite him to the collective. It's a rare thing when a person not only understands and feels the quality of what you're trying to do. But more importantly actively spreads that to other people. Derek fit that vibe. Which is what #loveabrotherradio is all about. We are eager and excited to see what this brotha brings to the collective through his forward and creative thinking. And his all out belief in helping us do our simple little mission. Spreading #love through Music. We Welcome this brother as our Director of Promotions. Don't be afraid to give him a shout.


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