He has displayed his skills on BET’s 106 & Park and MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen as well as at the professional basketball games of the Washington Mystics and Philadelphia 76ers. Most notably, Robbo Fitzgibbons was the first (and remains the only) deejay to perform on the Stellar Award show. Whether performing in the world’s largest coliseums, at clubs in Atlanta, NYC or other metropolitan cities, or on cable’s favorite networks for music and entertainment, the impact of Robbo Fitzgibbons’ presence in the music game is the same: undeniable power and creativity. Now, back home in New York, Robbo Fitzgibbons is about business and ready to give you the fireworks, promise and celebration of July 4th every time he enters the place, With gratitude. "In spite of all these accolades, Robb-O Comes to us Ego Free, and remains a kind, supportive collective member OUT the gate. We are extremely excited at the idea of having this brother with us, to push this #love spreading agenda forward through this music thing we do. He's LABR Through and Through. And we present him to you...." Amy Grady D.O. c/o J aka Brother Soul

In an attempt to get into the thick of New York nightlife, a young Eric Clark moved downstate from Mount Vernon and landed a job as a security guard at the Ritz. This concert venue, which was at the forefront of all musical genres, is where Eric fortuitously began DJ'ing for the first time. A variety of gigs, including DJ'ing at The Obies Awards, allowed Eric to blend all of his musical loves: soul, rock n' roll, jazz, funk, reggae, hip-hop, and house. Eventually this music-lover left the Ritz and got a job in promotions at Tommy Boy Records. It was there where music mogul Monica Lynch gave Eric his nickname, Eman.    


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