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Jaeh Daycon aka Brother Soul has gone through an evolution.  He’s built his career on his first brand CHEESETRACKS from the beginning.  He feels that in order to grow and take this to new levels it was time to re-brand.  So we put cheesetracks out to pasture.  We opened a new door for #dayconmusic #loveabrotherradio #labr.The back catalog of sets will be available for some time and may still pop up as re releases but going forward the new music will be released as Jaeh Daycon aka Brother Soul

#Dayconmusic #labr #loveabrotherradio

“The bio underneath reflects the dues paid, and the hard work that lead to this New Beginning

To the Future Ya’ll. Good Things, Good Times, Positive People, (In My Life)”


Jaeh Daycon (Brother Soul) began his musical journey at a very young age – His love of dance and subsequent years training as a dancer introduced him to all genres of music. Growing up in  Philadelphia the early influences were Hip Hop and R & B But the later introduction to soulful house music is where his passion for DJ’ing and producing stem from.

“After Midnight” was a club in downtown Philadelphia and was where he met two legendary DJ’s who schooled him on the art of mixing. The list of credits during this time and subsequent years is endless.However I feel that his best teacher was indeed himself – Over more recent years and keeping up with technology and the ever changing demands for perfection in a competitive business Jaeh Daycon (Mr ChEeSe) has taking full advantage of the digital age we live in and has been performing Live via various internet radio stations. Still preferring of course to get behind a set of decks and perform to an audience at any given opportunity.

This has allowed him to broaden his audience reaching fans as far and wide as South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, China, Russia, Spain,   and of course his home grown listener base in the USA and England his adopted country.

As his listener base continued to grow so does his belief in his own ability but as any of you that “know” Jaeh Daycon (Mr ChEeSe) know he is always very humble never one to blow his own trumpet and his own worst critique.


2016 promised to bring some good moments of building new bridges, new alliances, and bigger platforms for Jaeh Daycon (Brother Soul)  and alongside his career as a DJ – Production work with some key names in the house music scene are underway & his own vocal talent is now attracting huge interest amongst some of his friends and peers that happen to be international recording artist in their own rights – snippets of which can be heard in some of the sets.


In 2011 the now defunked Agency UpGradeYourNightLife, Invited Jaeh Daycon aka Brother Soul (under the name Mr DJ ChEeSe) to Join their family and line up of International D.J.’s.

He was in good company with a line up of Quality D.J.’s already represented by this Company.  DJ’s Groove Adix “NYC” –  Rony Breaker  – MJ Gruuv  “Slovenia“ & Seth Dillian Gavin – “Las Vegas”  & DJ Silky “London & California” to name a few….Jaeh managed after joining to book Marc Avon Evans, Dawn Souluvn Williams, the deceased DJ Anji Stone, DJ Don Myles. He also gigged with DJ Malik Fusoul, DJ Greg G. Anderson, DJ Tony Touch, Mr V, DJ Davidson Ospina, 900 Warriors, a few more as well.

And the time that this bio was written, Jaeh Daycon aka Brother Soul (under the name of Mr DJ ChEeSe) had already released over 400 of is or more sets.  With amazing regional and international response to his work.

He is also a Singer/Songwriter and has worked with fellow producers working on his own vocals on both sides of the Atlantic. With his partner out of Manchester, UK DJ Toots, with the long awaited release of their first single entitled, Good Things, Good Times, Positive People (In My Life) which features,  J (under the name of Mr ChEeSe’s) Soulful South Philly inspired Vocals and Production, with Toot’s South African Roots, this track stands on it’s own, and stands to cross over. Version of it can be heard throughout the website.

As well as remixing credits added to his resume with Aron Prince-Transformation (House Music) Released on BeatPort, and several other online retail outlets including and others.

He’s spent some time in the Miami area to stretch his musical experiences with his American Debut @ The Clevelander on South Beach for Radio4by4.  He has been invited back to Miami for WMC – Winter Music Conference to represent UpGradeYourNightLife & SOS Radio.

Mr. D.J. ChEeSe (Jaeh Daycon aka Brother Soul)  LIVE @ WMC

Previously he’s held a residency in Leeds at Cafe 212 at the cafe’s creation of a night called NYC Connected.  Has also appeared in Leeds at Distrikt Bar

As a Vocalist, he’s flexed his chops on the UK festival scene playing The Kaya Festival with his partner in music, DJ TOOTS and The Drum Circle


A small selection of Jaeh Daycon aka  Brother Soul  (under the name Mr.D.J. ChEeSe’s) vocals can be heard on Reverbnation, & Many more are set to follow. Also always diversifying himself and pushing his musical boundaries with his brothers band which can be found on Bandcamp (Revive The Tribe) at    Released in 2010  and  a new One in 2018.  (How We Work) Together with his brother DJ Knobby Knees,  are regaining their industrial underground theme with NO Gloss.

On December 26, 2019 with the help of his brother Knobby, Jaeh was able to work on a track that he first did with an uncle in music, the Legendary Mr Vaughn Mason in his studio in Baltimore on North Ave. in the early 2000’s (some very fond times to Jaeh) called Big Women. The story goes, that Jaeh & Vaughn did the song. But was just to stretch some studio legs for Jaeh. Jaeh took the song to his Brother. And instantly, he said, “I hear Brazilian Drums all over this” and the extended version was born.  Big Women (extended holiday mix)  It laid packed away for many years until Jaeh moved to England.

The collaborative journey didn’t stop at making music together.


Introducing:  #labr Love A Brother Radio


On Wednesday, ‎October ‎31, ‎2018 the First Weekend Workout was broadcast, and the LABR collective was created with just 3 DJ’s. DJ Knobby Knees, Jaeh aka Brother Soul & Stephen A. Williams aka #iamquietchaos (who’s not even really a DJ, but a very TALENTED Producer and Beat Maker) As a simplified web presence and concentrating on the programming to bring even more fresh, no drama, no hassle, no ego, non-monetised, underground, soulful and eclectic content.

With DJ Knobby moving on to do new projects, and them both going in different directions respectfully, Jaeh has re-launched, re branded, and expanded the #loveabrotherradio collective and brand, with the dedication, aid, and assistance of some truly talented people who he frequently expresses his gracious gratitude for. As he does for the hard work Knobby did in creating the original platform.


// love a brother radio is a collective, non-commercial, non-corporate, non-monetised stream for house, adjacent eclectic genres and sounds that inspire us to live, love or act. We are dedicated to a no drama home for tunes, social conscious and fun. // Created by DJ Knobby Knees & Brother Soul


Radio Stations Played For:

LABR/love a brother radio



FaceTheBass Radio

Statiq Radio


LWR London Worldwide Radio

Philly Nites Radio

H.B.R.S./House Beats Radio Station

In The Zone Entertainment




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