Divine Ellison

The Greasy Spoon

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Friday 10:00 pm 12:00 pm

The Greasy Spoon

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Divine Ellison

Divine Ellison


Divine Ellison – The Bronx


Music is Love Entertainment

Pre Party Radio

Love A Brother Radio/LABR

Face The Bass Radio

It all started with him getting his first Gemini 2 channel mixer. To him becoming a card carrying member of the Legendary NYC Club The Loft in the 1970’s, his influence by the late David Mancuso can be heard throughout his long running show The Greasy Spoon. Which ran right behind Jaeh’s show (formally Mr DJ ChEeSe) on the station they were fellow DJ’s on, the now defunked Pre Party Radio. Keeping in touch with one another, and supporting one another it was just a matter of time before the two came together again. The invitation was sent. And it was received. And holds the title of being the first collective member to present a live show on LABR.

Divine brings his deep knowledge of disco classics, as well as his eclectic gems that he manages to come up with week after week with a true LOVE for the Music and the LABR Collective. He’s one of the Original LABR Collective Members and as far as we’re concern, will be always be our man in the Bronx.

You can also catch Divine’s work on his own #mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/divineellison/

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