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Jeffrey P. Williams (DJ Skyy)

Born: 1964

Born and raised in Trenton New Jersey but now resides in Meriden CT since 1992. I began DJ’n in 1982 from my bedroom with the use of Reel to Reel and Two Technic 1200’s. It was a hobby for me at the time, making cassetts for school friends and neighbours. In 1986 I got chance to spin at an after hours club in Portland Maine called Annex – My residency there consist of Hard House, Drum and Bass and Techno. After three years I was fortunate to land a residency at Avalon in Boston [1989 – 1992] “Sunday Tea Dance” I was lucky because I played the second hour of the night and was able to create that industry standard called “Setting-Up The Vibe” for the rest of the evening. I learned a lot from that residency but it was time for me to move on after two years.

In 1992 I moved to Meriden CT for work, it happened that the company was owned by a UK corporation, so I had to travel to the UK, once there, I was escorted to one of finest house clubs that ever existed “Hacienda” . . . .
Well the DJ’s were dropping House Tracks like I never heard before. I stood there in awe and thinking to myself “Why am I not hearing the back home In the United States”? The Remixes the blends, The Vibe from the crowd was beyond amazing. So started going back; even if was just for a weekend to experience the clubbing scene of the UK. Then I started making connections and started going to other countries by that time I left the turntables and was hitting the dance Floors, From Buenas Aires all the way to Ibiza (Ibeefa)….

In 2000 – I decided to hit the decks again, started collecting tracks from Germany, Netherlands, UK South America, Mexico, South Africa and Scandanavia. Started DJ’n online with Static Radio, Amnesia Radio and uploading mixes to mix cloud and pod-o-matic, Chill Lover Radio and Kidz In Da Kutz. So when you hear my mixes you will understand my style and where I developed the knack to drop something un-expected but more importantly to make want to dance and enjoy the vibe I have to offer to the whole world.

Remember: “We Are One”

Jeffrey P. Williams


Join him every Sunday 10pm -12am

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