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#iamquietchaos is saying some things with this new version of #sessionsbyquietchaos

Who is Quiet Chaos…

Stephan Williams AKA Quiet Chaos love for music started out like most music heads, with there first music device usually given to them by their parents. In Stephan’s case, it was his Fisher Price Jukebox that started this journey.

Full Disclosure. Stephan didn’t start out as a DJ. He started experimenting with making beats, with the popular program F.L. Studio. Getting so good, it lead him to start doing a few remixes. Which subsequently started to gather attention from some other talented film makers who commissioned his work to be apart of their independent movie project.

In addition, he caught the attention of Mr Jaeh Daycon aka Brother Soul who discovered his music through hanging out in the same circles just before his departure from the United States. The mutual impressions were made. And a promise was made that when he got to the UK, that he’d make sure folks heard his work. Leaving him with the comment “I Am My Brother’s Keeper” LABR was started. Jaeh kept his word. And had this crazy idea, that if Stephen could records like he mixed beats, he’d be something pretty interesting. So instead of inviting an experienced DJ to be one of the first collective members. He called Stephen. And literally sorta URGED HIM to be apart of the LABR Collective based on a 20mins mix Stephen did as a mess about. The foundation of #loveabrotherradio was formed.

Which has lead to Stephen playing for one of Philly’s Popular Bar’s in the Heart of Philadelphia.

Stephen remains motivated, excited, and creative with every show he presents to the collective. A serious crate digger, and an impressive approach with his musical knowledge that parallels even some of the most experienced dj’s for him playing such a short time. Sleep on Quiet Chaos if you want to. It be a gross mistake.

LABR is PROUD to introduce it’s FIRST Collective Member. #iamquietchaos

Check out his original work at https://quietchaos.bandcamp.com/ & #spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/2T6XQL1wVqReCIdFyTcOj5

If your in Philadelphia area, SEE LIVE #loveabrotherradio #labr own Quiet Chaos at BAR X every 1st and 3rd Sunday

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